8 thoughts on “DC Comics Pop Art

      • No problem. I love Batman mythos. Joker is beautiful lol I have a dark sense of humor and I always wanted to cosplay as him. But I don’t know anyone who can do makeup that well lol


      • Take a new approach then! Did you know that Heath Ledger did the Joker makeup himself everyday for “The Dark Knight” because he wanted it to look sloppy?

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      • I miss Heath Ledger! But yeah, that’s a great idea. I could do it myself. I gotta do some research then. Thank you!


      • No problem man! And yeah, I miss him too. Another fun fact…did you know that Jack Nicholson warned Ledger about the effects that portraying the Joker would have on him?

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      • I didn’t know there were effects to begin with. You are very trivial. That is interesting. I might look into that tidbit whenever I am bored.


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